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WICKED A New Broadway Musical. The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz. So much happened before Dorothy dropped in.

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You were right. I had not truly lived until I saw that video. AMAZING. He seems like a great person. I belvevie he now lists very high on my "who I'd like to meet" list.

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- You know, I have been keeping from lientnisg to certain music for the last year or two. Some of it I can't even handle lientnisg to at all anymore. I am not sure what that means, maybe because I am so hung up on who I once was and want to be sure that I never retort to that state of being. Anyways, this article made me realize that I need to suck it up and listen to those old tunes again. They will give me something I can use to grow in this world. I know that I will learn something even though I have heard these songs a MILLION times

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LOVE this! I totally love how you threw quoets in there. I love how its barely edgy for a seemly edgy couple..the style all seems to mesh perfectly! Great pictures!

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