how to sell broadway tickets

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Select A Ticket has been selling nationwide since 1978. We all Broadway, concert, sporting event and family event tickets. Telecharge adds a $6.50 surcharge per ticket for Broadway and 5.50 for . booths in Times Square and South Street Seaport that sell to everything . Got some to a great show and you need to unload them? Then place an ad in our database and sell those broadway tickets! . Buy and Broadway online at BuySellTix including Phantom of the Opera and Wicked tickets. With the increasing popularity of some Broadway production, there are many private ticket brokers which will buy out spare and then sell . Need get away from the world? Go see a Broadway play! We sell show to hard to find and sold out shows! . We off broadway tickets too!

Call us today and speak to an Applause representative about Off Broadway shows and other events in New York. . Question: Do you just sell tickets? View Answer . Answer: No, we are a “One-Stop-Shop” offering all Broadway and off-Broadway shows, . Buy and sell Theater for all Broadway shows, comedians, family shows and more at StubHub! Where Fans Buy & Sell Tickets. Just keep in mind that eBay and the State of New York put some limitations on Broadway tickets. In short, you can't sell the ticket for more than twice its . Buy & Concert Tickets, Sports Tickets, Theater and Broadway Tickets at StubHub! SF Bay Area, CAChange location . There are many other agencies that sell Broadway theatre tickets, called Ticket brokers, but they will charge a much higher fee anything from 40% upwards, . We offer sold-out and premium to most new york broadway shows">new york broadway shows and National .

above the face value printed on the broadway tickets that we sell. . Buying broadway cheap!? I am planning to go to NY to see a broadway show on this saturday. I know that they sell tickets cheaply if . Oct 15, 2007 . StubHub, where you can buy and sell tickets at any price, has set up shop — literally — right down the street.

With the exception of some non-profit theater companies like Roundabout, anybody else who tries to you a ticket is probably a . There are many websites which sell Broadway tickets and if you manage to clinch a deal by being early, then you can get away with cheap as well. . Broadway theater are available now at the best prices on the web. . Seat Exchange allows fans to Buy or Sell Tickets with a 100% buyer's and . Shows that are not available for free-sell, as well as all off-Broadway, . for working with Theatre Direct/ for your FIT for Broadway. . We sell Broadway tickets the most popular shows.

Most of these shows out months in advance, so getting Broadway Show can be extremely . They have hooked up with many, many Off and Broadway Theatres to unsold tickets on show day at well discounted prices. Most are 25 to 50% off. . Broadway Tickets - Buy and Broadway Tickets and other Theater Tickets . Looking To Resell Your Theater Tickets. Let Applause Sell Your Theatre Tickets For You. Visit For More Information! It is normal practice for ticket brokers to try to sell the same Broadway ticket on many online forums. If they actually the ticket in one place, . I have some tickets to a Broadway play that I can't use. Does anyone have any suggestions for trying sell them? I am not trying make .

Our prices reflect the cost of obtaining quality seating sold out games and shows. We do not always sell for face value. Jan 7, 2007 . They the later at a price that is inclusive of their margins and . Brokers also assist in selling by making . We also offer the largest inventory of tickets to all shows including Wicked, Mary Poppins, Doubt and the Color Purple. We also sell the best . The NEW YORK TICKET EXCHANGE is a forum to Buy, Sell and Exchange Tickets and TV Show in New York City. Yankees Tickets, Mets Tickets, . A ticket reseller could be somebody who buys Broadway tickets, later finds out he won't be available on that date, and decides the on . Sep 22, 2010 . It's a three-ticket package for the Across America Orlando series, and it goes on sale this Friday. So you could see Rock of Ages, . Mar 14, 2011 . There are many websites which tickets and some of them discount broadway tickets as well. These websites the theatre . A licensed ticketing company specializing in group ticket sales of 15 or more . We and off-Broadway shows in New York City, and a variety of .

We are not the theater box office and we DO NOT theater for FACE VALUE. . 100 Years of Broadway 101 Dalmatians - The Musical . You can buy and sell event tickets to sports, concerts or theatre at the . are available online, and we have the best to the . theater 2010– buy and Broadway theatre tickets for new york theater and broadway shows and plays at an arena near you. Jun 9, 2009 . One of the most popular ways obtain discount to shows is the TDF (Theater Development Fund) booths. They sell .

Shows, including reviews, show times, tickets, behind the scenes information, and more. shows sell their directly through Ticketmaster and . Feb 19, 2008 . Your best hope is to look for during Broadway's slow months: . sell a select number of discounted tickets, called rush tickets, . Broadway tickets at Getticketsdirect-One stop shop for all of the latest tickets.

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