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Jan 10, 2006. rides and dramatic endings, "The Phantom of Opera" officially knocked off "Cats" as the longest-running in history. File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View Apr 10, 2008 . Check this out. December 2, 1979, FIDDLER THE ROOF (July 14-19, 2009) lost its title as the longest running in Broadway history. Jan 10, 2006 . Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera became the longest-running in history Monday. The streak of 7486 shows over . File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View theater.about.com/od/actorsinformation/ss/text1.htmHighest grossing and Broadway shows and musicalsThere have been a lot of quality shows Broadway, but only a few stand the tests of time. and money. By many accounts, the "Phantom of the Opera" has . How long was the longest running broadway show ever in the world? Cats. Game Day! Sorry for the delay today!! Play along! I love theatre!!! XO BUCK. To be a show “Broadway” doesn't necessarily mean that the show's curtains rise and fall Broadway. In fact, very few of the forty 500-plus-seat . Entertainment Trivia - A Sortable List of Running Shows.

Oct 12, 2010 . JERSEY BOYS, the Tony, Olivier and Grammy Award-winning Best Musical, will become the longest running show in the history of Broadway's . Apr 17, 2008 . Standard Podcast 15:37m: Play Now Play in Popup Download podPressPlayerToLoad('podPressPlayerSpace_237', 'mp3Player_237_0', 馄:30', . September 16, 2009, The Phantom of the Opera celebrated its 9000th performance making it the longest running show in history. . It used to be Cats. Now, as of January 2006, it is The Phantom Of The Opera . The Phantom of the Opera has been the longest-running in the history of Broadway. Running continuously since 1988 – 21 years – it has been a consistent . 4 posts-2 authors-Last post:Aug 9We all know that "Phantom of the Opera" is the longest in history, but what is the longest running show in . RENT is the classic musical about love, friendship and community, and the seventh longest-running in Broadway history.

Now, RENT is coming to Chicago . The BEST source for The Phantom of the Opera Videos, Tickets, and The . Jan 4, 2010 . MAMMA MIA! is now officially the 12th longest-running in history after surpassing the record previously held by landmark . What surpassed cats as the longest in history in 2006? ChaCha's Answer is: The Broadway production of The Phant. Becomes 14th Longest Running Show In History. News. Mamma Mia!, Winter Garden Theatre. Book now!

Address. Mamma Mia!, Winter Garden Theatre . Feb 13, 2005 . Watch as the longest Broadway makes its 60th annual performance! . Word Mark THE RUNNING DOWN BROADWAY . This list contains the 100 longest-running shows Broadway. Unless otherwise noted, the run count listed is for the original production of the . The Phantom of the Opera – Broadway. This haunting love story is Broadway's longest-running show!

For more ticket info 1.800.broadway . Sep 16, 2009 . The has broken an unprecedented number of records, including: • The longest-running show in Broadway history . What is the longest running Broadway show in NY? . Which musical is . Can you name the Broadway shows? Enter a in the box below Correctly named shows will show up in the table below . This list contains the 100 longest-running shows Broadway. Unless otherwise noted, the run count listed is for the original production of the . The Broadway production of the Tony Award-winning musical The Lion King will . The Best Broadway Shows Theatre has been an . Sylvia Bailey has been commuting by bus to Midtown Manhattan for 50 years . Show Tickets New York - The Longest Running Productions. To View All broadway show tickets New York. Theater enthusiasts, of course, . Jan 8, 2006 . Monday evening, Jan. 9, 2006, Andrew Lloyd Webber's award-winning musical The Phantom of the Opera will become the longest-running show . Jan 11, 2006 . Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera has just become the longest-running in Broadway history. Nov 7, 2009 .

Another JERSEY BOYS milestone this week! As of November 1, 2009, the 2006 Tony Award-winning Best Musical has become the 40th . May 10, 2010 . About the show: "The Phantom of the Opera" is the longest-running show with more than 9000 performances to date. . 10 posts-7 authors-Last post:Mar 5, 2006“THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” will become the running show in Broadway history 9 January 2006 when it celebrates its 7486th . This list features the top 25 longest plays, including show dates and number of performances, according to the League of American Theatres . Farewell to 'Les Miserables': Broadway's second-longest running show closes from Manila Bulletin provided by Find Articles at BNET.

Sep 23, 2010 . All totals are for the original Broadway run, except where otherwise noted. Shows marked with an asterisk () are still running. 1 Longest running musicals on Broadway and the West End . Thursday, July 02, 2009. The Longest Broadway! ThePhantom of the Opera is an amazing entity on Broadway. After more than 20 years it still . Broadway's Longest Show. Nov 07, 2007 by Peter Hayes . A timeline of the highlights and oddities from the longest running show Broadway. . Chicago - Broadway's Eighth Running Show Visits Bangkok. By Amelia Chacón. Early last month March 12, the state of Bangkok's Esplanade Theatre .

Nov 10, 2008 . Musical To Surpass the 6680 performance run of Les Miserables with milestone performance 6681. Feb 18, 2010 . Disney's The Lion King 8th Longest Running Broadway Show Sunday . the previous show record holder RENT as the 8th running . Top questions and answers about Longest-Running-Broadway-Show. Find 37 questions and answers about Longest-Running-Broadway-Show at Ask.com Read more. Jan 7, 2010 . Theater News: Chicago Revival to Become Sixth Longest-Running Show in Broadway History January 12: by Dan Bacalzo TheaterMania.com.

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