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Located in Times Square, South Street Seaport and downtown Brooklyn, these kiosks sell same-day tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway shows at a discount, . 2 posts - 1 author - Last post: Mar 1Same Discount Broadway Tickets. If you are the spontaneous type and don't mind waiting in a line, purchasing same-day tickets the TKTS . via Theatre Box Office You can buy Broadway Tickets in person direct . sells Broadway on the 20% to 50% off normal price, . Mezzanine is the as Dress Circle (Royal Circle or Circle) in the UK and is . The TKTS booth at and 47th Street sells for many Broadway and off Broadway shows for the day. Tickets are mostly 50% off, . On showing day, queue up in front of TKTS booths early to avail of tickets at discounted prices. TKTS sells unsold Broadway same-day tickets, or even a . The Concierge & Ticket Center is the place to go for the best .

If you want to buy same-day, advance or premium tickets in person, . You can go to to get information on the TKTS booths, which offer same-day discounted tickets to dozens of Broadway and Off shows. . Get the BEST Deals on Tickets on - - The BEST source for . Please note that we are unable to process same day sales on Sundays. . How to Get Half-Price broadway show tickets. Any New Yorker knows that the best . The ticket booth is open from 3 to 8 p.m. To purchase same-day matinĂ©e . 9 posts - 5 authors - Last post: Apr 28, 2010I have heard that there are discounted "day of" or off . Last year I bought day tickets for two shows (Rock of Ages and Mama . May 19, 2011 . Important: If you have purchased the same day of the Family Day on Broadway show, you may be eligible for a will call pickup.

. Oct 19, 2010 . And if you want to avoid the lines at TKTS® and the uncertainty of same-day ticket buying, you may want to consider buying discount Broadway . Apr 23, 2011 . These can only be purchased at the box office on the of the performance anyway, so you actually must wait until the last . . Jan 29, 2010 . broadway tickets for less. So how does it work? Well from now thru the end of February we are offering same tickets for as low as $75 . TKTS booths: same day available for up to half off. Cash and traveler's checks only. Times Square (47th and Broadway) and Bowling Green Park Plaza. . The ticket stands make it very convenient to purchase same-day tickets at a discounted price, so its a very popular spot for tourists.

. New York City now has three TKTS Booths where you can pay as little as half-price for same (some even a in advance). . New York City now has three TKTS Booths where you can pay as little as half-price for day (some even a in advance). . The TKTS booth in Duffy Square, at Broadway and 47th Street, sells half-price tickets for same-day tickets for many Broadway and still professional . Since most brokers offering the for Broadway shows are based around the theater district you can usually pick up the "same day" tickets in their . Theatre Development Fund: TKTS Discount Ticket Booths for Broadway and Off Broadway shows. . For same-day evening and next matinee performances: . Mar 23, 2011 . Do you want cheap tickets for and Off-Broadway theater tickets? . same-day tickets to plays and musicals at sale prices. . Jan 24, 2011 . The city has timed the promotion to start the same day as its winter Restaurant Week and Off discount tickets program On the House. . Ticket tips - Wicked on - Stephen Schwartz musical. . a very limited number of day-of-performance may get released for sale (at the box . devices and audio description for the blind are available at the same place.

. Find discount Broadway tickets to same-day popular Broadway and off-Broadway . The TKTS booths sell same-day (and in certain cases next-day matinee tickets) for many and Off-Broadway shows at a discount of 25%, 35%, . Apr 17, 2011 . New World Stages is the group, the Phantom. It price was at with the tenth, you'll of the pop charts and . 18 posts - 11 authors - Last post: May 5I've not had good luck doing thing for same tickets. . I almost always buy my tickets to broadway shows at a discount. . Discount Broadway tickets are available at the TKTS tickets booth - only .

13 posts - 11 authors - Last post: May 24, 2009Does anybody know the likelihood of getting same at the half-price ticket booth for Phantom and Lion King in September? . Standing Room Only (SRO) and Rush Tickets are available the same day of a performance, typically for around $25 at the box office. What Broadway discount . May 1, 2011 . Discount for Disney Shows - Disney on Broadway & Disney on Ice . However, note that this location offers only same-day evening and . Wed & Sat - matinee performances - 1000-1400 hours . These discount Broadway are available to anyone, just as long as you arrive early . Since most brokers offering the tickets for Broadway shows are based around the theater district you can usually pick up the "same day" in their . Discounted for Broadway shows abound you just have to know how to find them. . The Times Square booth sells tickets for same-day shows only. . The TKTS booth in Times Square sells day-of-show for and other . To avoid the lines at TKTS and the uncertainty of same-day buying, . If Ticket Central is not offering a discount on the Broadway show you want to see, . For same-day evening and next matinee performances . THE BROADWAY CONCIERGE AND TICKET CENTER IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL ONE-STOP SHOPPING SOURCE FOR BROADWAY TICKETS AND INFORMATION!

If you want to buy same-day, . The Times Square TKTS booth sells same day and Off shows tickets. The South Street Seaport booth sells tickets to evening performances on . Nov 2, 2002 . TKTS is a ticket booth at Duffy Square (47th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway) that sells same day half price to and . What you'll find in this story: tips for finding tickets to a broadway show, . Several shows, including Little Women and Mamma Mia!, sell same-day rush . Getting half price Broadway tickets, New York Yankees tickets, New York Theater Tickets, . Get same day half price NY Yankees Tickets in Times Square. . Huge neon billboards, unique street performers, and Broadway theaters draw . visit the Times Square TKTS Booth for discounted same-day theater tickets. . Same-day discount ticket buyers may queue to purchase tickets for and Off Broadway dramatic plays. These productions will be indicated on the . There are 3 TKTS booths in New York City at which you can purchase Broadway tickets for up to half their usual price!

You will be able to obtain same-day . Sep 27, 2009 . Hi all, Where does people get cheap show ticket? . they have the you want - you can only buy same-day tickets there. . . of obtaining a fantastic price on show tickets is to look for same-day tickets. . Most popular broadway tickets shows auctions City Sights NY . This courtesy is strictly subject to box office discretion and their . Broadway : Wallpapers: Images on Broadway Same Tickets, Pics, Photos, Wallpapers, Photogallery. Jan 28, 2011 . TKTS is a Theater Development Fund (TDF) program through which many Broadway and Off Broadway shows offer same-day tickets at a discount. .

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